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What better way to get to know Belgrade and its people than through one of their great passions – beer.

In recent years craft beer has been taking off as part of the Belgrade beer culture. From Serbia’s first and best known craft microbrewery, Kabinet, in 2014, the industry has frothed ahead in leaps and bounds.

Today at least 20 craft breweries have sprung to life in Serbia. On this craft beer adventure, you’ll be given the chance to taste many of their beers.

What It’s All About

  • Get to know 9 Serbian craft beers
  • Stop at 3 unique craft beer bars in Belgrade
  • Hear the stories, the passion of these young craft brewers, in great company and accompanied by knowledgeable (and fun!) guides
  • We bring you an unforgettable time
  • And why not buy a little craft beer to take home with you?

The Adventure Begins Here!

  • Serbian craft beer has skyrocketed since 2014 – and here you will find out why!
  • The best places in town are never advertised – we know where to bring you
  • Taste a variety of craft beers and experience the passion of their stories!

On the Belgrade Craft Beer Tour, we will bring you to see three totally different craft beer bars in Belgrade to see where it is all happening:

Industrial and edgy, “Samo Pivo” is true to its name and ONLY serves beer! And we will be there to help guide you through the many kinds!
Owners Mia and Aca at “Drunk Chiwawa” will infect you with their love for the Serbian “gypsy brewers” and their “nomadic” approach
One of the newest and hottest craft beer venues, with an urban restaurant and bar stocked with every variety of Kabinet beer!

Duration: 3 hours