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Tour starts with visit to the Nikola Tesla museum, which contains his original documents, works, books, photos, and even the urn with his mortal remains. There is also a chance to interact with exhibits, representing some of his famous inventions. Tour continue to the Faculty of Electronics, where in 100-years-old classrooms, we will find out how Tesla was inventing and doing his most popular, world-known works. At the end of the tour, we will have opportunity to have lunch named “Electricity – Mr. Nikola Tesla” in hotel “Square Nine”, which is prepared according to the original menu, specially prepared for this great scientist in Chicago, on a celebration for 150. Regular Meeting of the Commercial Club of Chicago, on the 13th May 1899 at the Auditorium Hotel, in which he was a prominent member. Menu includes: Fresh shellfish, prawn crisps, citrus air; Exploding duck consommé served with old cherry jelly; Aiglets of Seabass a l Arcachon served with cucumbers; Tenderloin of Beef with lardoons and mushrooms served with tomato cake; Asparagus in Hollandaise sauce with Parmesan snow; Tesla Sherbet; Roast pheasant served with romaine salad; Fancy Ice cream; Cake; Cheese, Fruit, Coffee.