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Descend underground through the Lagum over 150 meters long to the Roman-era passages, located about 12 meters beneath Belgrade’s Senjak hill, which basts the ideal temperature for storing and serving the wines of Cellar Panajotovic. There beneath the city, illuminated only by candlelight, you will be able to taste exceptional wines with education on how to pair them with food in an unusual setting that you will remember for a long time. During the tour, the guide tells in detail about the history of the Lagum in Belgrade, the history of Belgrade, the history of the wine and winery, presents each wine and explains how and why wine pairs with food.

After the tour, visitors have an opportunity to purchase wines.
Clothing advisory: 12 degrees Celsius. Bring something warm to put on.
Possibility of organizing vegetarian menu.
The cellar is not equipped to accommodate handicapped persons.
Our recommendation is not to wear strong perfume or cologne as it can interfere with the tasting.
For lighting in hallways and in the hall where tasting is held, only candles and torches are used.