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We start the tour with transfer to Niš, located in south Serbia one of the biggest Serbian cities and oldest in the Balkans. Once known as Naisus, birthplace of the first Christian Roman Emperor, Constantine the Great. The most important cultural and historical attractions in Niš are the Mediana – archaeological park which represents a luxurious and large 4th-century Roman residence with a highly organized economy. Excavations have revealed a villa with thermal, granary and water tower; Niš Fortress – the best-preserved Turkish fortress on the Balkan Peninsula, built in 1723 on the right bank of the Nišava River and containing the remains of Roman Naissus in its foundations, it is protected by law since May 1948 as it was declared a cultural site of great significance; the Skull Tower (Ćele Kula) – tower made of the skulls of Serbian fighters who rose up against Ottomans…and paid the ultimate price; Cegar, where a monument stands on the site of the battle between Stevan Sinđelić and the Turks; the Monument to the Liberators of Niš – erected in 1937 in memory of the fight for the liberation of Nis; the Red Cross Camp – one of the few fully preserved Nazi concentration camp in Europe. Even today, it provides authentic testimony to the perils of the Serbian, Romani, and Jewish population, communists, numerous supporters of the liberation movement and partisans, who were incarcerated here during the German occupation of Serbia (1941-1945); and Bubanj Memorial Park – one of the largest Second World War execution sites in Serbia.

After city tour we will have lunch in local restaurant and continue our journey to magnificent Devil’s Town. It is located on mount Radan not far from the town of Kuršumlija. It comprises of more than 200 stone formations, 2 to 15 meters high and up to 3 meters wide, with strange stone caps. Devil’s Town was a New Seven Wonders of Nature nominee. This natural monument is comprised of two natural and rare in the world phenomena: the soil figures, as specific forms of relief which appear rather attractive, and two springs of extremely acid water with high mineralization. Legend says that they are actually group of petrified wedding guests who, on devil’s orders wanted to marry a brother and sister, or people petrified by the witch as they didn’t fulfill their promise.
Transfer back to Belgrade.

Duration: 12 – 14 hours